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Izzak - Circus of Frills and Magic

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Izzak is a dreamy Harlequin and part of The Circus of Frills and Magic.

He is made with cloth, clay, antique lace and silk,
and wears a shell covered barnacles painted gold on his chest.

His body is soft, made with cotton firmly stuffed with hollow fibre.

His shoulders, head,
hands and under-legs are made of clay and are crackled.

His under legs are connected to his soft upper legs with gold thread,

which allows the 'knees' to bend.

His puffed trousers are made using the fabric of antique doll's house curtains,

and are strung up with gold thread.

He wears a pointy hat decorated with lace.

Izzak's ruff and sleeves are made with gorgeous silk of over 100 years old.

He measures 56cm's and can sit when supported

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