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The Spirit

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The Spirit

an almost life size art doll sculpture of a ghostly girl,

telling a mysterious tale of haunting ghosts and spirits at sea, through a small three dimensional paper-cut-out diorama in her chest.

This large piece is made of cotton, clay and vintage textiles.

She has a beautiful, porcelain like face made of clay, hand painted and crackled,

with large embroidered ivy leaves coming through.

The Spirit wears an antique Christening dress which is treated with a special medium making it stiff, so the shape of the dress is permanent.

On her hands, arms and neck I embroidered ivy leaves,

creeping up this ghostly girl's body.

The diorama in her chest is made of a paper cut out,

for which I used one of my own Morphauna collages called 'The Curse'

The diorama refers to an old folklore believe, that when female figures where seen on and around the boat at sea, usually in the shape of a flying dress, this meant the ship and its crew was cursed.

The diorama is protected with a piece of thick glass, and decorated with tiny beads all around.

The Spirit's hair is made with soft, curly, Teeswater sheep fleece, a beautiful natural material, sourced from a small farm in England. Carefully washed and brushed,

it looks like angel's hair.

I braided it all around her delicate face, and woven pearl like beads through the braids.

The Spirit measures 132cm long x 46cm at the widest part of the skirt

(52" x 18")

She hangs from a hook on her back.


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